Call 2014

Energising cities – energy intelligent cities of tomorrow

How can our cities become more ‘energy intelligent’? The next 20 years will shape the cities of tomorrow. Cities fit for the future are those that are rising to the challenges of climate change and natural resource management. At the same time, environmentally resilient cities must also consider the economy and job creation, social equity, demographic change and citizen engagement. They must have the capacity to adapt and to innovate if they are to continue to meet the expectations of our citizens and provide the services they need.

The EUROCITIES awards 2014 will showcase best practices in making our cities more resilient without compromising economic and social concerns. We are looking for entries in three categories cooperation, innovation and participation:

  • Cooperation – how city authorities and other partners work together in new business models and partnerships, spanning city departments and city boundaries, to implement energy intelligent solutions in infrastructure and the built environment.
  • Innovation – activities or projects that showcase innovative energy efficient solutions, e.g. through decentralised energy production, smart grids and alternative fuel infrastructure or through examples of energy intelligent mobility.
  • Participation – activities or projects where cities are working together with citizens, communities and local businesses, empowering them to live, work and travel in more energy intelligent ways.

We have received many excellent entries – our thanks go to everyone who submitted a project!